3 responses to “Media Tech Tonic #15: Sherry Turkle: Simulation and Its Discontents”

  1. lou suSi

    fantastic Media Tech Tonic tonight … matters very near + dear to the heart + all its tiny microprocessings

    one of the most important take always here in many respects, but one that i come across time + time again as a user experience professional … just because you can build something doesn’t necessarily mean you should build it … vital in many respects as a designer that likes to help keep the business side in check

    many times i come to an interface that is like Times Square Souffle times ten … if you research the product, its essential functionality, and the experience components users value and use the most, 9 times out of 10 you can remove huge chunks of extra information + affordance to lighten options + really drive to a much cleaner, clearer overall user experience

    yet, a business will sometimes put in all sorts of mayhem simply because it took the time to develop batches of functionality in reaction to single request hits from small clusters of users

    very important to remember its called ‘user-centered design’ and NOT ‘user-designed’ … yes, yes?

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